Micro- Credit Scheme (MCS)

The Micro-Credit Scheme provides loan facilities for SMEs with a 4% interest that invested in expanding the number of primary beneficiaries (women and youth) using K- multi fashion ltd. The interest-on-loan is to motivate beneficiaries to pursue businesses supported by the scheme with vigor. Clusters are headed by cluster heads. The heads make collection and retirement of loan returns on a weekly basis with a spread of the interest within six weeks. However, the spread period of repayments is determined by the amount given.

MCS thematic of KWAYE Foundation has adopted a method of mentorship. Here every member and/or beneficiaries in the women category must start with N5000, and gradually, if they meet the repayment requirements would advance to the N10000 or N100000 categories. With this, the scheme provides loans for petty traders that need less than N5000 to start a small business while for the youth categories skills are passed and start-up equipment is provided to participants on hire purchase loans.

Email: microcredits@kwayefoundation.org